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Hey there! We're a couple who spent 10 awesome years in the U.S., falling in love with camping and hiking. Now, we want to bring that raw, unfiltered camping vibe to India. Imagine starry nights, cozy campfires, and trails waiting to be explored. Join us in creating simple, unforgettable moments in nature. Let's make some cool memories together! 🌳🏕️ #AdventureTime #NatureLovers.

Our mission

At TheRecreations, our mission is to democratize the joy of unfiltered camping experiences in India. We aspire to simplify and make camping accessible to all, fostering a culture where individuals can immerse themselves in the raw beauty of nature. Through thoughtfully crafted adventures, we aim to strip away the complexities, leaving room for simplicity, authenticity, and unforgettable moments in the great outdoors. Our mission is to build a community of nature enthusiasts who share our passion for genuine, untamed wilderness exploration.

Our vision

Our vision at TheRecreations is to be the catalyst for a camping revolution in India. We envision a future where unfiltered camping is not just an activity but a way of life—a widespread culture that reconnects individuals with the essence of nature. We see a nation of outdoor enthusiasts who seek simplicity, authenticity, and the thrill of genuine wilderness experiences. By making unfiltered camping a household pursuit, we aim to create a positive impact on mental well-being, environmental consciousness, and the collective appreciation for the unspoiled beauty that nature generously offers.